New Board and Staff of BNCH

The newly elected Board is responsible for managing all administrative, financial and organizational of home, including having impeccable accountability with justification, bill or receipt for each expense even for one rupee. He will also manage the change of school under control and guidance of BNT and help of a Népali lawyer

[img src=]00Tashi Lhamo SUANCHAURI
President Chairwomen. Work in Tibet International Hotel
[img src=]00Double DORJE
Vice -Président, Master in applied Thangkas, old friend and teacher of our friend and sponsor Lucie Combarel in thangkas restauration.
[img src=]00Dawa DROLMA
Treasurer. Teacher of English, Tibetan and Népali
[img src=]00Bemal Lama
DIploma of engineer, Secretay and delegate of communication
[img src=]00Bimala Jimba
Member of the Board
[img src=]00Shyam Kumari Rai
Member of the Board
[img src=]00Mina Youndan Tamang
Member of the Board
[img src=]00Dawa Tseten
Member of the Board. Trekking Guide, management responsible of organisation from jouney of godmother-father and friend of BNT.
[img src=]00Shyam Ghising Tamang
Executive manager and chief of the Staff, responsible of purchases and payments
[img src=]00Rinzin Pema
Accounting Responsible of BNCH accountability, Student in Buisness management, training in Bank
[img src=]00Sushila Tamang
First " nurse" of the home, life in home and cooking
[img src=]00Maelys Tamang
Second Nurse, helper and cleaning
[img src=]00The new Board and Staff
Nouvelle photo retravaillée. Le nouveau Board et le Staff à la cérémonie d'intronisation avec de gauche à droite :<br />The new Board and Staff at the induction ceremony from left to right :<br />Tanguy Malibert, secretaire général de BNT; Rinzin Pema, comptable ; Bimala Jimba, membre;Anne le Cunff , trésorière de BNT; Shyam Kumari Rai, membre; derrière Bemal , Secretary and in charge of communication; Tashi Lhamo , Chairwomen; Mina Youndan Tamang, membre, Shyam Giesing Tamang , Executive Manager ;Dawa Dolma, Treasorer; Shusila Sushila Tamang, first Nurse, Maelyis Tamang, second Nurse ans may be Double Dorje, vice President take the picture, Dawa Tseten is excused